Circular Library

Films have an important role in education because they can be used as a powerful educational tool. By organising short film projections, workshops and training we aim to educate and empower children/youth by equipping them with knowledge and informing them on current issues. This will enable them to build their future considering that better children/youth will create a healthier community as they represent the hope for tomorrow.


The CongoFilmz Academy offers training opportunities for young people from any background aiming to join the future film industry. These programs are supported by partners throughout the world.​


​CongoFilmz is an exclusive platform to promote your business which offers an exceptional opportunity of engaging with audiences while supporting a charitable organisation. We are committed to create opportunities for Congolese working in the industry of motion pictures locally and internationally and increase awareness about social matters to maintain a healthier society.

We are looking to build long-term partnerships with organisations that provide real business benefits in sponsoring CongoFilmz which include:

  • Reveal to members of the public your participation in charitable activities in connection with the education and the empowerment of communities, mostly the next generation.

  • Exposure to the Press, PR and social media through branding and marketing activities

  • Opportunity to engage with wider audiences and increased brand awareness