A wealthy family made up of several children was left to a form of promiscuous living because the parents traveled very often to Kenya for business purposes. The children were used to staying home alone and resisted the idea of ​​remaining under the authority of a family member other than their parents. As a result, they embarked on a life that is not their own. An unprecedented war settles and takes unimaginable schematic forms when suddenly their uncle made his appearance.

Will the Uncle be able to manage the situation?

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WHO IS THE "DEVIL"? When Man becomes aware that he is IDENTICAL to God, he is TEMPTED to THINK that he is EQUAL to God. He can either resist this thought or yield to the temptation and rebel against God. The Devil is therefore A Thought that tempts you to rebel against God, to envy His Kingship and proclaim yourself as King of your life, to DENY God as the Source of Life, and replace Him with MONEY instead.

You are free then, through the Power of Creative Thought, to turn this THOUGHT into its equivalent material of a hideous and horned spiritual entity and to manifest and materialize the ill effects of all your NEGATIVE and IMPURE THOUGHTS, all around you.

A film of fiction - Ronnie Kabuika's Epistle to Children and Dummies.